Water Solutions Inc. and its staff have over 30 years of experience in the water industry, and extensive experience in teaching and personnel training. Water Solutions Inc. has been providing Operator Certification Training to western water utilities for more than ten years with student evaluations scores among the highest in California. We have provided training via IACET, CSUS, and AWWA licensing and we maintain the highest standards for preparing each course syllabus, course goals and class completion evaluation.

Our years of experience as a utility educator has shown that having course material tailored to the students provides a higher quality presentation. The value of staff’s time makes site specific training a significantly better value as worker skill and daily operations efficiency improve when staff is engaged in learning about the system they operate vs “generic renewal material”. Water Solutions Inc. uses certified utility operators to teach courses, as a result, students relate better to the presenter and feel that the presenter has empathy to the challenges they face, this in turn leads to better knowledge transfer.

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“Water Solutions taught us more about running our water system, than all our other instructors combined.” - Operations Manager, San Francisco Public Utilities Commission

The Importance of Training

A better educated staff provides great improvements. Consider the following cases:

  • ACWD - reduced cost of road repair materials after a hands-on course to calculate material volume for pipeline repair crews
  • EBMUD - reduced post tapping damage to plastic pipe after Distribution Operator courses covering pipe tapping
  • San Francisco Water improved staff retention and retirement replacement with certification of staff to provide pool of certified operators
  • Many agencies reduced false positive bacteria test results after attending bacteriological sampling courses.

What does it cost?

Taking staff off the street and into the classroom is expensive, in manpower alone. The course that prepares for a state exam is expensive; a course that preps for an exam while teaching staff how to better run their system can payback in less than a year. Groups that have benefited from our training:

  • Water distribution Operators
  • Water and pump Engineers
  • Utility Staff
  • Plumbers
  • Union members
  • Pump mechanics -more