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Since 1994, Water Solutions has provided clients with robust and cost-effective potable water treatment, storage, and distribution systems.
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Cross Connection Survey, City of Palo Alto

The City of Palo Alto was issued a compliance order by the State Drinking Water Program to have a cross connection control survey completed within 90 days. Water Solutions was able to begin within 24 hours. Water Solutions worked closely with the city staff to communicate the issues with the community, educate the city building department and contractors. This aggressive outreach led to greater than seventy percent compliance with no further follow up required, an enormous cost savings. The entire City of Palo Alto, with a population of 60,000 including a vibrant high tech industry, was inspected and brought into backflow compliance by the 90 day compliance deadline.

Rainwater Catchment for a Remote Island

Water Solutions Inc. designed a rainwater harvesting system for an island in the Pacific ocean. Island access is restricted to a crane or helicopter, so not only was the size of the equipment and materials utilized limited, but consumable material used also factored heavily into the design. As a government run site, drinking water public health standards were adhered to. This system operated with only minor issues for 15 years. As a follow up project, a new water hauling system was designed and specified with an annual replenishment schedule.

Remote Ranch Well & Storage

After drilling five dry holes, the owner of this seventy acre ranch hired Water Solutions Inc to assist. Water Solutions' team determined that there was a fault running through the property. By simply drilling on the other side of a fault we were able to develop a well that yielded over 100 gallons per minute. Due to the remote location, WSI designed and oversaw the installation of underground water storage and municipal style fire hydrants. The owner desired a “self service” well that wasn’t dependent on outside contractors so a flexible downhole well pipe was installed allowing the owner to replace the well pump themselves with no pump truck or specialized equipment.