Our Story

Water Solutions Inc. (WSI) is an engineering and consulting firm working on water projects for municipalities, industry and private clients. Since 1994, the company has provided clients with robust and cost-effective potable water treatment, storage, and distribution systems. Our objective is to develop the simplest system possible with the explicit goal of safe water.

As a specialty engineering group focused on water, our experience and knowledge provides significantly better results - safer water, increased reliability, fewer unplanned outages and lower operating costs. We leverage over a hundred and twenty five years of collective experience to provide the best options possible. We strive to provide solutions designed for simplicity of operation and lowest life cycle cost. By incorporating international municipal drinking water standards, water quality is assured. Our experience means we know the solutions for the most vexing issues. We firmly believe that a thoughtfully designed water system will be less expensive to operate over the long term. Our team includes former regulators, fire engineers and current water system operators giving us the background to know what works and what challenges can be anticipated. With a client list ranging from some of the largest municipal water systems in the U.S. to third-world single-family homes, we take pride in solutions which match the project and community.


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